PROMACO Consulting

Bosstraat 16 9111 Belsele

T. +32 (3) 454 5486
F. +32 (3) 454 5396

We commit ourselves to lead our customers through their ongoing efforts in performance improvement. To this end we use the best available methods, tools and experience to support our customers in implementing tailored solutions to match their business needs. We model our improvement projects to ensure a gradual transfer of knowledge into the customer's organization, providing full sustainability of the improved environment. We differentiate ourselves from other providers in our business through:

  • our strong focus on strategy deployment, helping our customers to translate their vision and strategy into a clear management information framework, in the process enabling sustainable future growth
  • alignment of our customer's initiatives and projects with their strategic objectives, in order to maximize their return on investment
  • a strong participation based approach, ensuring real commitment for, endorsement and ownership of the changed environment by our customer's employees
  • our offering of integrated solutions, using holistic approaches that include performance management, initiative alignment, process improvement and IT systems integration, supported by dedicated project managers coaching our customers from start to end in their change initiatives
  • application of full end to end solution deployment, from strategic requirements, through technical implementation to management, business process regulation and operational change as the solution becomes embedded
  • providing scalability from small initiatives to the all encompassing top down corporate wide solution
  • the application of Corporate Governance rules, to ensure an ethical approach at all times
  • delivering user friendly management information solutions, delivering short term visual results that are easy to maintain and develop further by our customer's internal resources
  • seamless integration of our strategic management information solutions with any underlying operational IT systems, even when those systems change dramatically over time, using the latest state-of-the-art technologies
  • conscious application of risk management in our projects, dividing change initiatives into short term manageable tracks with clear deliverables, where necessary supported by a no-cure-no-pay policy
  • post implementation support to allow for a smooth continued performance improvement in your organization